Writing letters enhances family bonds

Here’s a lovely story about a letter writing project between students and their relatives:

“Both my students and their family members learned exciting things about one another that are not part of school curriculum, but are worthwhile and supportive of learning,” said Pole, who began her research as a teacher and parent because she believed that she could better support emergent writers through a correspondence project.

The idea also sprang from Pole’s desire to preserve family history that may otherwise be lost.

“My mom’s lasagna was part of every family gathering, whether to welcome a newborn baby or returning soldier,” Pole said. “I noticed its absence during my mom’s funeral. No one knew how to make it and I never asked her to write it down. I began to think of how such practices might be used to teach better writing, reading and communication skills and to maintain family history.”
Read more at: http://phys.org/news/2016-01-exchanging-handwritten-letters-children-literacy.html#jCp

Anyone doing something similar? Let us know!

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