Values are your decision compass

Do you know what you stand for? What you will put up with and what you simply can’t tolerate?

Sometimes, when life gets a bit murky, it can be hard to stick to our guns and really understand what we need to be thriving human beings. Our values can be an enormous help here.

They also help us to understand why where might be annoyed by or disagree with others. If I value cleanliness but you leave our shared work desk in a terrible state, I’m going to get annoyed. It’s a clash of values.

Our cultural background, family and experiences all influence our values. Our emotions and our interests are a great indicator of what our values are. What are you excited about? What protest would you be happy to be arrested at? There’s a great explanation here.

So, here’s some questions to get you really thinking:

  1. The worst thing that could happen to you is? Why?
  2. The most difficult person you have dealt with was? Why?
  3. You couldn’t live without what? Why?
  4. The best decision you ever made was? Why?
  5. The accomplishment you are most proud of is? Why?

Notice any themes? Find some lists of values words on the internet and see how you themes stack up. Rank and compare. Can you frame your most important values into sentences that give you guidance eg I am brave when trying new activities. Or I also use great manners.

Want to explore this further and live in Melbourne? We have a 2 hour workshop/party plan style activity with your friends that might be just the things. Get in touch for a package outline.


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