Before us, there was a long line of artists, philosophers, inventors, nurturers and creators.

You only have a short time on this earth. As life speeds up, the pressure to get things done, go here and do this and that, means we loose the ability to reflect, engage and create ourselves. And those that can’t compete in this dog eat dog world are getting left behind all together.

Lore Makers aims to provide opportunity to participate more fully in some of the forgotten arts of living. The small, enjoyable moments that make up a life. The big moments that need support and consideration. We think we’ll all benefit from a bit more reflection and inclusion in our daily lives. We think that will mean a more compassionate world.

Part social history, part creative activity, part philosophy, we are aiming to create content, activities and experiences that helps you explore and express your curiosity, creativity and community.

In the end, we want a curious, creative and present generation. One that understands the past, prepares for the future, while making something great with the present.

We provide simple community engagement strategies for organisations. For individuals, keep an eye on our events page or our facebook to see how you can participate.

We provide community group and not for profit discounts for our work. We also donate a percentage of profit from our product sales to selected charities.

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